Is Reality Television Toxic?

Reality entertainment has been referred to as fake, unintelligent, or as Kylie Heitman from The Crimson White put it, “detrimental to society.”  Whether these claims are accurate or not, there seems to be no fight. Reality entertainment is nothing but a waste of time. That is the simple truth.  Unless you’re willing to open your mind to the possibilities.

Reality entertainment shines a light on the average American unless you’re watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which if you are, find a new hobby.  You could get into reading. For example, you could get into reading. Check out this wonderful book and tell us your thoughts on it.

But more importantly, for viewers of reality entertainment, it’s a first-hand experience of viewing a part of the world outside of yourself.

We are currently living in the middle of a technological revolution and yet most people would say they’ve never felt more alone in their life.  This is where our outlets come in. As someone who chooses to be engaged by reality entertainment, my heart has only opened up to more and more people that I begin to watch.

I’ve seen diverse opinions expressed on weird shows like, “My Five Wives,” and my heart softened with remorse for guests who appeared on, “The Toe Bro,” or “Dr. Pimple Popper.”

I’m not here to say that these shows aren’t weird, because I’ll admit it took a lot of convincing before I even tried to sit down and watch.

But as I did, I began to realize I was witnessing the human experience unfold right in front of me.  And the more I watched, the more I noticed subtle changes in my daily life too.

In a world full of controversial opinions, there’s something purely human to watch different perspectives of life in a non-judgmental zone. At times it can be peaceful and even strengthening. Hopeful.

But, truth be told, you don’t have to watch reality shows to have growth in your life.  The next podcast, book, or sermon you go to, pay attention. Specific attention. Live in the moment and let the moment teach you. There are beautiful lessons all around, but only if we choose to watch out for them.

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