5 Sports More Unusual Than Sumo

The American Sumo Companion is an awesome new podcast to get acquainted with a time-honored sport. We admit, to the average American, it’s not as popular as Sunday Night Football, but it’s not as unusual as you think, either. Here is a list of five other sports that are more unusual than Sumo.

  1. Sport Stacking

    To the everyday person, stacking plastic cups is a necessary task to keep the cupboard spacious. To the real athletes, however, it’s a difficult task that takes many hours, days, even years perfecting.  While most popular among youth, there are adult leagues throughout the world! The U.S. Junior Olympics has even recognized it as an official event!

  2. Wife Carrying

    You read that right.  But don’t worry you incels, you don’t have to be married or even in a relationship to compete in this event.  Pairs must consist of a man and woman, and the man must carry the woman over his shoulder. (Ladies can’t be under 108 pounds, otherwise, the pair will have an additional rucksack to carry that adds up to 108.)  The pair then runs through an obstacle course, but the whole thing only lasts for 253.5 meters! (Which is just over 830 feet for you Americans.)
  3. Quidditch

    While the real wizards fight it out in the air, we muggles have settled for the next best thing: running on a field! Inspired by the wizard sport created by J.K. Rowling, most players refer to the real-world version as ‘muggle quidditch’.  This competition first began in some colleges but has now grown into a national competition, which will be held on April 18-19, in Charleston, West Virginia next year
  4. Tag

    No, this isn’t just a game you played growing up.  Created in 2011 by the Devaux brothers, this is an actual competitive sport that is slowly becoming a worldwide phenomenon.  Two teams of five players select one representative to act as either the chaser or the evader. While it’s true they’re running around a small space known as, ‘The Quad’, there are numerous different obstacles throughout, making it difficult to both chase and evade.
  5. Dodgeball

    It’s true!  You might have played this in phys ed growing up or seen the atrocious film with Will Ferrell, but whatever your introduction, this is a legitimate sport!  If you don’t believe me, contact the NDL (National Dodgeball League)! Having only been formed in 2004, it enjoys a surprisingly large following.  With the US team competing in Cairo, Egypt next year, it’s no wonder that the sport is a literal “hit” in many different countries.
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