Dungeon Disasters

Hey everyone,

While we are still tweaking pre-production and working on next steps for Ye Olde Radio Show, we’re thrilled to tease our next bit of programming: Dungeon Disasters.

Dungeon Disasters is part improv comedy, part geek-out-with-your-friends Dungeons & Dragons, part gameshow. Tune in with some of your favorite comedians as they adventure their way to survival and pizazz points, all competing for a season-end grand prize.

One of the aspects of this show we’re most excited about is the integration with audiences. We’ve built several elements into the show itself that will require feedback and voting from listeners. Listeners can even influence how the plot will develop by voting on character actions of some of the players in the story world.

We’re currently in pre-production, but already have some great stuff recorded and will be updating you all soon. Hang tight! It’ll be worth it, I promise.

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